BBI’s Health Service Commission Breakthrough And All You Need To Know About It

The revised Building Bridges Initiative document awaits an official launch on Monday next week but was today received by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga at the Kisii State Lodge.

The document recommends establishment of a National Health Service Commission that will importantly be a body tasked with the management of health issues key among them conflict resolution between medics and the two levels of government.

A nominated member of medics’ unions will form part of the membership of the commission. The Cabinet Secretary for Health shall be the chairperson.

The establishment of the commission seems like a bridge to harmonize health practices between the two levels of government as governors will have to nominate 2 representatives to the body.

KMPDU members among them secretary general Dr. Chibanzi Mwachonda. [Photo|Twitter]

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) final document has today, 21st October, 2020 been unveiled to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at the Kisii State Lodge. With the recommendations awaiting official launch on Monday, this source has accessed the recommendations on the health sector, key being the establishment of the National Health Service Commission.

The said body shall be composed of several members as highlighted below:-

i). The Cabinet Secretary of Health who shall be the chairperson of the commission.

ii).The Chief Executive Officer who shall be an ex-officio member and secretary of the body.

iii). Two representatives nominated by the county governors.

iv). A representative nominated by health regulatory bodies.

v). A representative nominated by medics’ trade unions.

vi). Two experts with knowledge in healthcare human resource management appointed by the Cabinet Secretary.

Functions of the Proposed Health Service Commission

i). Making recommendations to the national government on national policies for management of medics.

ii). Monitor county governments on the implementation of national policies pertaining management of health care workers.

iii). Accreditation of health institutions.

iv). Resolution of conflicts between employers and medics in both levels of government.

v). Formulate and regularly review norms and standards on:-

a). Training and recruitment of medics.

b). Medics’ welfare, career development and schemes of service.

c). Inter-country and inter-county transfer of health care workers.

d). Transfer of healthcare workers from one level of government to the other.

The Health Service Commission shall have powers to summon state or public officers and recommend actions against health personnel found to be non-compliant. Moreover, the organ will have powers to compel the production of various documents deemed to be important in looking into various issues.

The BBI taskforce has raised the bar higher for the qualifications required to be a member of the commission. Such qualifications include being a postgraduate degree holder from a recognised institution, and having knowledge and experience of at least 10 years in human resource management. Others are having a distinguished career in a respective field and conformity with integrity as outlined in chapter 6 of the constitution.

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